Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cycle 7 CD12 - Clomid Nightmares

This cycle I am on 150mg of Clomid and I can really tell a difference. First I had terrible nausea for a few days that was unresponsive to Phenergan. Then I've been having horrible mood swings of death. This morning I had cramps so bad I dreamed I was going into labor. I am hoping that all this translates to some strong follicles and an egg or two being released. I will hopefully know by next week.

My OPKS are getting darker but aren't terribly close to positive yet. When I ovulated the first time it wasn't until like CD16 so it will be a few more days before I start mentally considering myself out this cycle. My latest one is below but you can go here to see my full series.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cycle 7 CD 4 - A New Hope

I had hoped to update this on Sundays, but it seems like I'm already off schedule! Mondays might work out better anyway.

This week I started cycle 7! I am really hopeful when it comes to this cycle. I am taking the correct dose of DHA now (wasn't taking enough before) so hopefully that will help me feel better even if I doesn't help me conceive. My Clomid does has been upped to 150mg from 100mg, which means a greater chance of actually ovulating. I promised myself I would be really faithful about taking my Met as well.

This cycle would just be the best cycle to conceive I think. Firstly, our third anniversary is coming up and nothing would be a better present than a BFP. Secondly, we are going on a cruise in January. If I conceived this month I would be about mid-way through the second trimester when we went on the cruise, which means the morning sickness and whatnot would possibly be over but I wouldn't be whale size yet. If it's next cycle or later I'd either be at the tail-end of the first trimester or still in the middle of it. I would be due at the end of May, so I'd only have to deal with being pregnant while it's hot for a little while. If it's not this cycle then I'll have to suffer through a summer pregnancy. Bleh.

I normally start using OPKs when AF leaves, but this looks like a short visit compared to normal. I'm already only spotting and I don't even start taking the Clomid till tomorrow! I seriously doubt I'll O before  the Clomid is even in my system since I haven't ever O'd on my own that I know of so I might put it off a few days. Looks like my next update should be around CD12 so maybe I'll have a good looking OPK series to show off by then!