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After finding out tests and procedures I need were going to cost $1,100 my mother made this gofundme campaign for me. You can read a little bit about the situation there, or a more detailed post here on G+. The gist is that until I get these tests done and get the results I will have a depressingly poor quality of life that is decreasing all the time. I do not have any insurance, I cannot get insurance through my husband's employer, I am not eligible for an ACA subsidy, nor am I eligible for medicaid as we don't have any live children. As long as there is a way to contact you I will make and send a paracord bracelet of your choice to anyone who donates $13 or more (US only).

The paracord bracelets mentioned above are normally $5.25 + $2.35 S&H. If you would rather help out by purchasing one for that price you can do so through my Etsy shop. Below are just a few of the color combinations currently available. If you would like a combination not listed as for sale, feel free to request a custom order.

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