Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cycle 7 CD12 - Clomid Nightmares

This cycle I am on 150mg of Clomid and I can really tell a difference. First I had terrible nausea for a few days that was unresponsive to Phenergan. Then I've been having horrible mood swings of death. This morning I had cramps so bad I dreamed I was going into labor. I am hoping that all this translates to some strong follicles and an egg or two being released. I will hopefully know by next week.

My OPKS are getting darker but aren't terribly close to positive yet. When I ovulated the first time it wasn't until like CD16 so it will be a few more days before I start mentally considering myself out this cycle. My latest one is below but you can go here to see my full series.

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