Sunday, December 15, 2013

My new normal?

Yesterday I got out of bed one time. I've started keeping some pain meds on my bedside bookshelf and by the couch because I'm always at one or the other. Yesterday I ran out by the bed so I had to get up and get some more. I took that opportunity to use the restroom and microwave some mac and cheese. Yes, I only used the restroom once yesterday. This is bad for two reasons: 1. I'm probably dehydrated and not drinking enough and 2. I think you can get a kidney infection that way. I meant to get up again to take a shower but never felt up to it. Taking a shower is now an arduous task. How sad is that?

My mother's birthday is next week. All she ever wants is to go out to dinner with her family. We don't have many traditions but this one is very important to her. It's already not ideal because I refuse to spend time with my sister's terrible husband (or her if like our last encounter she insists on complaining about her pregnancy the whole time). I hope things start improving fast or I find someway to do this for my mother.

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