Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Joke's on You

Yesterday was April Fools Day. I'm sure most if not all of you have seen images like this one posted on blogs and social media, you may have even shared it yourself. I saw one person even say she would unfriend anyone that joked about this.

I never shared it though (until now I guess) and I've been thinking about why not. These jokes just don't bother me despite my years of infertility and one loss. It's not my favorite prank but that's mostly because it's pretty overdone. I've come up with a couple reasons why this is not hurtful for me.

I know the announcement is not true and that take's it's power away. April 1'st is the only day I can go on social media safe in the knowledge that I won't see a real announcement. This week I've seen a birth announcement from someone I unfriended but Facebook still had me following and a pregnancy announcement from an old friend who hardly ever posts anything. Every time I go online there is this fear I will see another one, but not on April 1'st.

I would rather see fake announcements from most people that real ones. We recently found out my cousin's girl friend is pregnant when she posted an ultrasound picture on Facebook. It's a boy and they are giving him Danger as a middle name. I wish that was just an April Fools joke!

If you are announcing on April Fools then you aren't actually pregnant. I don't have to worry about seeing a real one from you for at least a couple weeks if you announce early or a few month if you don't. You are safe now. I've come to the conclusion than April 1st is my favorite day to see pregnancy announcements.

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