Saturday, September 6, 2014

Why so finicky?

For the most part things are going well in the colitis department. I'm back on my normal diet other than a few adjustments and have been doing okay. The other day I had my favorite Mongolian barbecue from the best place ever and was perfectly fine. Then a few days later I have steak (which was the meat in my Mongolian barbecue) and some french fries (which I've also eaten without problems) and completely relapse. Yesterday I stayed up for about 36 hours because I couldn't stay out of the bathroom long enough to fall asleep. After half a day of not eating anything at all I was finally able to sleep. This morning I had some toast and jam, something I've eaten a LOT of since I was hospitalized, and apparently even that is not good enough for my body right now.  Grrrr. I suppose I will have to try a liquid diet again for a bit and see if things change.

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