Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good News, Bad News

Let me preface this by saying I'm not pregnant, I just thought the comic was funny. =)

Good News: My blood tests all came back mostly normal. The nurse said a few of them were off slightly but not nearly enough to be causing my fatigue. This means it's not my thyroid which I was worried about. Yay for not having to take another medication every day for the rest of my life! Double yay for not having to take thyroid meds, because those are a pain in the butt! My mom and grandma take them and you have to take them first thing in the morning with an empty stomach and you can't eat anything for two hours after.

Bad News: We still don't know what's causing the fatigue. The nurse said there are two other blood tests we need to do, and if those also come back normal it's probably depression.

Good News: I'm right handed, and my right hand/arm feels fine.

Bad News: Still having problems with my neck and now it's pretty much my whole left arm. I think it just about has to be neurological. The ulnar nerve in my right elbow (aka funny bone) got pinched several years ago and it feels a lot like that. My neck and shoulder hurt pretty much all the time, my elbow is aching more and more, there's numbness in my hand, etc. It's obvious this isn't just a case of "slept on it wrong".

Good News: Because of my aforementioned pinched nerve, I already have a neurologist! I was able to call them up and get an appointment no problem without needing to get a referral or anything.

Bad News: He's out of town so the soonest appointment I could get is August 14th.

Good News: I called the GP back and told them this and they called me in a muscle relaxer for the meantime. She is thinking it's a muscle that's pinched my nerve and not a herniated disc which would be good, but we haven't done any MRIs or x-rays yet so that's just speculation.

Bad News: I took a muscle relaxer when I first started having problems and it didn't seem to help much, but on closer inspection it expired a while ago so that might be why. My mother is picking it up from the pharmacy as I type so I really have no idea if it will even help.

Good News: I think maybe the B Complex vitamins are helping with the fatigue. I still feel really tired, but I'm not taking as many naps. I'm also not counting down the minutes until it's time to take my nightly meds so I can go to sleep. This could of course be due to the fact laying down is painful but I'd like to think it's the vitamins.

Bad News: The new muscle relaxer is supposed to make me drowsy! So basically I won't know if I'm getting better or not once I start taking it. The nurse said I could just take it at night but I'd rather be tired all day than in pain all day.

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