Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Slowly Making Progress (Hopefully)

Before I get started with the updates I just wanted to let everyone know that Kohls has a coupon code (BLACKFRI) for 15% the already discounted Black Friday prices. I was able to get $213.63 worth of stuff for only $76.74! The coupon code saved me an additional $12.72. So if you plan on shopping there don't forget to use it yourself!

At some point since I posted last about the disability decision I went to see Dr. E. She gave me an exam and an internal ultrasound. I have some of the small cysts PCOS gets it's name from but no big ones that need to be dealt with. We talked about Lupron and she said it's supposed to be more like the surgery than the other treatments we've tried. I only need to take it 6 months and then I could have relief for up to five years. Of course we don't expect I'll be in that lucky group, but we won't know till we try it how long it will last or if it helps at all. I've been looking up stories online and it seems some people have it come back in less than a year. Plus AF comes back after the 6 months and I figure I'll still have pain from that even if the everyday pain is gone. I know after my lap I still had severe period pain.

During the six months I'll basically be in menopause with all the symptoms associated. I am not looking forward to that at all. The last few months on Clomid were terrible and I'm expecting this to be even worse. For the first few weeks the pain can worsen as well before it starts to get better. I'm feeling pretty miserable now so I don't even want to think about what that'll be like. Hopefully it will work and during the time I'm pain free we can do a donated embryo cycle and then just take everything out. Then even if the hysterectomy doesn't "cure" me I'll be in menopause anyway and doing Lupron again won't be as bad. If it doesn't work or the pain comes back too quickly I don't know what we'll do. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Of course there's still the problem with paying for it. While at the office I filled out some paperwork and they made copies of Josh's pay stubs and my disability denial to send with it. That should help prove that we can't just pay for it and we've tried to get help through other means first. They wanted me bring something saying we're ineligible for medicaid but I didn't have anything. Anyone without kids is ineligible in Florida so just saying that should be enough. They sent everything to the company but we really have no idea how long it will take to hear back. With it being the holiday season who knows!

I talked with her about what the lawyer is asking for and she agreed to write a letter for me. Not necessarily that I will never be able to work again, but that I can't work now and haven't been able to since 2011. I don't know if that will be good enough or not. She said they are going to mail it to me but I haven't gotten it yet so I'll call Monday and ask. After I get it and see what it says I'll start calling around to other lawyers if the other one still won't take me.

So yeah. That's where we are now. Not much progress, but some. Thank you everyone for all your loving comments and support. I apologize for not responding to everyone individually like I'd like to, but let's just say it's taken me all day to write this lol. I read them and appreciate them all even if I'm not up to writing a coherent response. <3

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