Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good news for once!

I recently found out one of my very good friends is pregnant. Normally this would be bittersweet at best and soul crushing at worse, but not this time. I'm beyond happy for her (and her DH), and that's it. When she told me I didn't have any of those normal "I wish it was me" feelings. It put a smile on my face for the first time in well, a while. But I was also scared, and still am a little. Unfortunately their journey has included a few losses and I would be heartbroken if that happened again. If I would be heartbroken, if I already feel like I love this baby, how much worse it would be for them is unfathomable. But so far everything is good. HCG is rising appropriately and they should get their first ultrasound in a few days.

While I am still extremely happy for them, I am beginning to feel a bit off. Like it's wrong for me to be so excited for them when I feel so negative about my sister's pregnancy. My little sister's birthday is coming up and I know she will be there and I'm dreading it. The last time I saw her she wasn't even showing yet and it was a bad experience all around. I'm actually kind of grateful my endo hasn't improved yet so I can use that to get away for a bit if I need to.

On the other hand, I feel a renewed desire to get pregnant myself. That desire is such a double edged sword, as with it comes hope that is so easily crushed. I found myself looking up information on the embryo adoption program we planned to go through last year for the first time in months. Checking to see if the prices were still the same, if there was a longer wait time, stuff like that. I questioned whether I should call them and see if there was anything we can do now. I come off lupron in May, maybe if we started now we could transfer soon after! But then I had a reality check and realized I was definitely jumping the gun. I don't even know if this will work, and I can't try again until my endo gets better. I just want my baby to grow up with my friend's baby. I wanted the same thing with my other best friend when she got pregnant and now their son is three and a half. I'm scared the same thing will happen and I'll be left behind again.

Realistically I'm still feeling all around terrible and in quite a bit of pain and haven't even been calling the people I'm supposed to call. Like the doctor to push up my appointment after being in the hospital, or more lawyers to see if someone will represent me in court. So I doubt I'm up to organizing an embryo adoption either. And I'm not sure I want to try and do that while dealing with a disability hearing anyway. So right now the plan is to wait until I can come off my pain meds and reevaluate then. Maybe I can be pregnant or at least on my way there by the time her baby shower rolls around.

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