Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Wonderland

I think I've mentioned before that I live in Florida. It hasn't snowed since 1989 and sadly I was too young then to remember it. Apparently we went sledding on cookie sheets. Well it still hasn't snowed *insert sad face here* but we did get about 1/2 and inch of sleet and freezing rain! That hasn't happened since I was old enough to remember either. Everyone here got a lot more excited about than most people probably think is reasonable lol. We had two snow days! It happened overnight so I don't have any pictures of it actually sleeting (although I did stay up all night just to make sure it didn't turn into snow) but we do have some from the next morning. 

This is our bridge which as you can see they shut down completely. I think it was actually closed about 24 hours. We don't have any salt or anything so they tried dumping sand on it from the beach.

Little Sister in front of the palm tree in our yard with ice on the ground. It was about 30 degrees when it's normally about 60 so she just wanted to go inside, but we made her take a picture because she'll probably want one later. I wish I had pictures of us as kids when it snowed but no one knows where they are!

Here's a pretty good picture of the ice. It was so slippery! Obviously if you think about it ice is going to be slippery but I didn't expect it to be that slippery. It was such a weird experience.

And lastly here is Scotty in the backyard having a great time. Dobby wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good picture of him. They loved running around and chasing each other through the ice. About 10 minutes after being out there Scotty started sneezing though so I made them come inside.

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