Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cycle 10 CD1 - Back to the Grind

I almost posted this morning about how irritated I was AF still hadn't shown. I'm glad I waited, as now I can do a CD1 post instead!

I'm excited about this because I've known for a couple of days I wasn't preg. I'm pretty sure I didn't actually O so I changed my setting on FF so it would take my CH's away. I stopped the provera on Saturday after another BFN so have just been waiting for AF since then. Started spotting late Sunday night so expected to start yesterday. Oh well at least she's here now!

Cycle 10 Plan

250mg Clomid - Debating whether to try CD3-7 or stick with 5-9
Estrogen - 5 days starting the day after I finish Clomid
Progesterone - If I think I'm pregnant and I notice a temp drop, otherwise no as I don't want to delay AF
DHA, Calcium+D, Iron, Metformin - every day 
EPO - Twice a day until O
Lemon Water - At least one glass a day until O
Instead Cups

My DH is also drinking lemon water as it's supposed to sway boy by making his swimmers more alkaline  He probably only needs a couple glasses a day but I guess he likes it because it's all he's been drinking for like a week. Doubt it will actually work, but there's no harm in trying.

I'm really pumped about this cycle! If I do get a BFP that is awesome obviously, but if not I'll be going on a cruise right after AF leaves (FX'd she's not still here) so looking forward to that will make it a little easier to deal with. I'm just starting the iron and lemon water this cycle so I hope that helps. I'm also increasing my EPO in case the increased Clomid makes my CM any worse. I've heard good things about using the Instead Cups, but even if they don't help us conceive it should make things... less messy, which is nothing to complain about. =D Looking at a possible Christmas Eve O so might have to send a letter to Santa!

It feels good to be actively TTC again. I definitely needed the break last cycle because I was kind of in a funk, even before the loss. Now though I am ready to go! I have absolutely awful cramps right now even though I've already taken some pain meds, but somehow it's not bothering me. Well it is physically obviously but not mentally. I expect the side effects will be terrible this cycle since we've increased my clomid again but I know it will all be worth it. I have hope now and that is invaluable. Praying it lasts during the long wait till O time...

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