Thursday, December 27, 2012

I am so, so sorry.

Something weird has been happening in TTC land this week. Several other gals I know have been late, but not pregnant. These are women who have been TTC for a while and know when they ovulate, so it wasn't just they ovulated late, their LP was longer than normal. So weird. Not even a hint of a line on a test so I don't think they had chemicals or anything. Breaks my heart to see them go through that and know how hopeful they must have been, only to have that hope crushed. =[

A lot of people have been sending their condolences to these ladies. This is awesome because we can all use some support on CD1. I feel kinda bad though, because every time I see someone post "I'm so, so sorry" I can't help but think of Doctor Who. It just happens. I always read it in Ten's voice and chuckle a little, then feel guilty because it's not really something I should be laughing about...

So that's my confession for the day.

Oh and as a side note, since I'm posting on one of my off days anyway, I've been having a weird symptom all day. Well I'm sure it even IS a symptom. But my feet keep falling asleep and feeling all tingly. Like if you sit funny too long and cut off the circulation. Only it's been happening at times when I'm most definitely not cutting off the circulation so I don't know what the flying flaming flamingos is going on.

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