Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy ICLW!

For those unfamiliar with ICLW, it stands for International Comment Leaving Week and happens every month from the 21-28th. It's for the ALI (adoption, loss, infertility) crowd and a great way to connect with others going through similar situations. If you fall in there somewhere I'd definitely encourage you to sign up next month!

For those stopping by, welcome! Here's a brief synopses of our situation. Diagnosed with PCOS in 2006 and told would most likely need medical assistance to conceive. Married in 2009 and was NTNP on and off depending on my health (sometimes I would go on HBC for a few months to regulate my hormones). Diagnosed with Endo in September of 2011 and told I had 1-2 years before I would most likely need a hysterectomy, unless I had a baby. Started TTC in October 2011 as soon as I was given the okay. Was given two cycles to prove I did not ovulate on my own using OPKs and temping, then started Clomid in February of 2012. I ovulated that cycle but did not ovulate again until cycle 7, in September of 2012 on 150mg. Unhappy with my O date (CD20) my doctor continued to raise my dose. The next cycle on 200mg I ovulated again and got a BFP! Whoohoo! Unfortunately I miscarried three days later on October 21st. You can read about that here. Took a cycle off and now we are back at it, on 250mg. Yikes. I should be about to ovulate any day now! I've been warned that if I don't succeed soon I will have to go to an RE and start more expensive treatments which we unfortunately can't afford. So I could use all your baby dust and fingers crossed that we get a Christmas miracle!

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