Wednesday, August 21, 2013

As a specimen, yes I'm intimidating!

For the past six days I've been taking steroids. I'm not sure what they're supposed to do to help me, nor if they did/are doing whatever that is properly. I do know they have turned me into a hungry, hungry, hippo. Or maybe the very hungry caterpillar? Either way I'm hungry all.the.time! This is very weird for me because normally I don't get proper hunger cues. I often have to eat when I'm not hungry otherwise I wouldn't eat all day. So to go from one extreme to the other is very strange! I feel like I'm going to starve unless I'm snacking constantly so I've been eating a lot of popcorn and dry cereal which I can eat one piece at a time. I've also been drinking a lot of water (or crystal light) as I've been told that can help you feel full but it hasn't seemed to help much.

I think that's the only side effect I've had so far though, which is good. Unlike good ol' Gaston my gun show is still closed for remodeling. I remember last time I had to take steroids they turned me into a meanie and I don't think that's happened this time. It might have been a different one though. I do feel a little more easily irritated but when I notice that's happened I just leave the room, close the page, etc. Thou shalt not be snarky!

Other than that I've just been feeling generally drugged up. You know, kind of foggy. Can't think well. I've been reading New Stars for Old by Marc Read (which I won via Goodreads First Reads) but I've had to shelve it for the moment. I read a page and then realize I have no idea what I just read lol. So now I'm a book behind on my goal for the year. =( One of my favorite pastimes is having intellectual conversations on a variety of topics but I can't do that right now either. I'm in a few groups that post topics to debate and normally I'll read ones that interest me even if I don't participate, but now I don't even bother. Why make my brain hurt when there are still shows I haven't seen on Netflix, you know?

My CT scan is actually this Friday not last Friday and my follow up isn't until the 29th. Hoping I can get some answers then.

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