Friday, August 16, 2013

The Secret Really is the Support

Thank you everyone who stopped by yesterday for my SITS day! It was so amazing to wake up last night (yes night, I'm secretly a vampire. If you tell anyone I'll have to bite you.) and see all the supportive comments. I said yesterday that I wish this had come at a better time, but now I realize this was the better time. This is when I needed the support. It was very helpful to hear from everyone that a) it's okay to be negative when you're having a sucky time, b) they'll be thinking about me and praying for things to get better, and c) things will get better in time. It was all very uplifting and at least for today some of the emotional fog has lifted.

I'm also very thankful that I was able to create awareness about embryo donation. This is such an amazing option and I hope one day it will be as well known as IUI or IVF with your own embryos. On one hand I was saddened by how many people commented that they had never heard of this option, but on the other glad that now they have. I hope that through being featured some struggling couple will learn of the family building option that is perfect for them.

ETA: On my facebook page I try and post about any infertility, PCOS, Endo, etc news I find interesting or informative. However sometimes I just forget to even look at the news. I was thinking about starting to do a news recap here on Fridays which would encourage me to actually look on a regular basis rather than just when I remember. Would that be something you'd be interested in reading?

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