Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random Thought of the Day

I'm really sick so not doing a full post today like I normally do on Wednesdays. I just had a thought though, and honestly I'm not sure I'd be posting about it on the internet if I wasn't so sick and not thinking clearly.

Sometimes I wish I was a fully transitioned male to female transexual. Is that weird? It probably is. I definitely feel like a girl on the inside, even if I don't do a lot of girly things like wear makeup and horde expensive shoes. But being a biological female sucks! Due to my PCOS I already have too much testosterone than I should and have to deal with things like way too much body hair. There's a very, very good chance I will never carry a child to term in my own uterus. If I had been born male but transitioned to being a female that would still be true but I wouldn't have to deal with PCOS and endo because those only affect biological females. Instead of my natural boobs growing to a gargantuan size (J cup currently) I could have gotten fake ones of the perfect for me size (full C). Obviously being trans comes with it's own problems, especially in the south, but I think I'd rather deal with that than the health problems I deal with now. I could always move and surround myself with people who accepted me, but I can't move away from my endo and PCOS. Plus I already feel/felt like the odd one out due to being kinda asexual. And oddly enough, I think my husband might have been okay with it as long as I had sexual reassignment surgery and everything. Unfortunately though if I was born a male to female transexual things probably wouldn't have been better, as I wouldn't be able to afford all the necessary steps to transition physically any more than I can afford the best treatment for my conditions now. But it's still something I think about sometimes.

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