Saturday, March 1, 2014

Endometriosis Awareness Month

Today is the first day of Endometriosis Awareness Month! Last year I posted an image for Endometriosis Awareness Week which was the first full week in March, but this year I am hoping to be a bit more involved. =] There is a daily photo challenge on Instagram I will be participating in (or at least attempting, I have a bad track record for actually completing month long challenges). I'll also be cross posting on Twitter but because of that pesky word limit you wouldn't be able to read the whole thing usually. I am hoping to do a few endo related posts on here, or at least including the topic in my regular Wednesday posts when my health allows. I hope to post articles about endo on my Facebook Page a few times a week but the last few weeks have shown I can't plan ahead too much. If anybody has any questions about endo or how it has affected me, I would love to answer them!

Last week I found out unexpectedly that I would need dental surgery which took place on Thursday. It's kind of funny actually, last Thursday I went to the dentist because of severe pain in my back right bottom tooth that started Wednesday afternoon. It was infected so they put me on antibiotics and scheduled surgery for this past Thursday (so a week later). The funny part is last Tuesday I had blood work done, and after I left the dentist they called letting me know my white blood cell count was elevated so I probably had an infection! If only they would have gotten the results sooner maybe I could have started the antibiotics before it had gotten so painful. So that's why I missed the past two Wednesday posts. I actually had a whole post written up in my head about my perfect plan for the next six months or so, and how I've recently realized it has no chance of happening, but the drugs they've put me on have kept me knocked out most of the time. I'm actually fighting sleep now. Yup, another post about how I should just stop bothering to plan things lol.

Anyway along with some other things not happening financially as I had hoped, we've now also had to pay out of pocket for this surgery. Since I was put under general anesthesia and everything and they ended up having to extract the infected tooth it won't be cheap. This throws a wrench into my plans to hopefully get everything worked out with the clinic to do a donated embryo transfer in June or July. I was really hoping to do it mid-June so we would find out around my old due date. That way the sting of that day would either be lessened or a failure would coincide with another hard time instead of adding another bad day to my calendar. Now I just don't know if we can afford it. I just don't know.

I feel like I'm going to start crying any minute so I'm going to wrap this up. Lord knows I've written enough already. My posts are always so long! My paracord bracelet promotion is still on going. I like making them, it's comforting. We could of course use the money now as much as ever. I haven't sold a ton of them but I appreciate each purchase more than I can say.

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