Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Small improvements are better than no improvements

Last week I mentioned bleaching my hair. This week I've colored it purple! I was gonna wait another week or two to have my blonde hair for endometriosis awareness month but figured I should while I still have some of the stronger pain meds if needed. The next time I color my hair it will be back to brown! Makes me sad to think about it but I know it's the right thing to do. That'll probably be a while though. Because my hair is shorter than when I used to dye it purple I still had about a third of the bottle left. Normally you're not supposed to keep left over hair color but for the unnatural semi-permanent ones it's okay. If even comes in a resealable bottle and you don't have to mix it with anything. So I've been mixing some in with my conditioner to help is last longer. It also helps that I don't take a shower everyday and hardly ever shampoo. It'll still probably end up being a light purplish gray for a while before I color it again but I'm okay with that.

Thankfully my mouth is healing well and I've been back down to my regular meds for a few days now. I'm even taking it less often than I can which is great! I usually only take it twice a day now with some Motrin in between. I left the house Friday to go to a drive in movie with my mom and some friends. We watched Frozen and Catching Fire. Then on Monday (I think?) I went out to dinner and grocery shopping with DH for the first time in a while. My previously broken ankle started bothering me though so I've been keeping it up and iced a few times a day.

A while back I won a Fitbit Zip and finally opened it to see where I stood. You're supposed to take 10,000 steps everyday and yesterday I managed a whopping 505! It's a little low because of my ankle, but even without that I'm sure I'd be less than 1000. I just can't move very much when I'm at less than 75% (which I have been for a year minus a few good days) or things are even worse the next day. It's depressing. I remember when I used to walk a mile every other day with Scotty and do 45-60 minutes of yoga the other days. I had to stop walking so much because my stupid ankle was getting inflamed but I miss it. I hope I can get back to at least doing something soon.

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