Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cycle 11 CD18 - We're home!

We got home from our vacation late last night. We were supposed to be home Sunday afternoon but unfortunately we all got crazy sick the last day of the cruise. We were stuck in Mississippi for a few days and DH and my mom had to go to the hospital. ER doctor said upper respiratory infection but the antibiotics aren't really helping so who knows.

I didn't have much luck with TTC on the cruise. I took 20 OPKs with me, which should have been enough for 2 x 10 days. We were actually gone 12 days and I came back with like 7 of them, so yeah I didn't use them like I should have. Some days I used two some days I didn't use any. Didn't temp basically at all. I got an almost positive OPK CD12 I think, give or take a day. CD14 my CM turned creamy, I felt bloated, and my boobs hurt, so I thought there might be a tiny chance I ovulated "on time". Now I think it's just because I was getting sick. Even if I was temping I couldn't use that to confirm or deny because I've had a fever. So I guess we will see how I feel when I get over this illness. I've had EWCM on and off since then but that could be because I haven't O'd or because of the decongestants and stuff.

I think that if I haven't ovulated yet the chances of doing so this cycle are pretty slim. Illness can cause anovulatory cycles even for women with perfectly healthy reproductive systems. Even if I do manage to O in the next few days we would miss it anyway. I'm going to start my OPKs up again today just in case, and will resume temping when I'm fairly sure my fever has broken (and I've managed to unpack and find my thermometer). If after I get better I think there is a chance I actually did O then I'll test around Feb 4th and then probably call for provera. But we'll see how things go.

We did have a fantastic time on our trip until the last day. I will try and post a recap when I'm feeling up to it. I know ICLW is this week so here's a Hello! to anyone stopping by for that. I know I signed up but it doesn't look like I'll be participating. Maybe next month I will do the commenting but won't add my blog to the list to make up for it.

Also I see I've somehow made it over 50 followers! That is just craziness to me. I will try to check out the new people and say a proper hello when I'm feeling a bit better.

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