Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cycle 11 CD4 - Sharing the Good News

First I want to remind everyone to comment on my International Blog Delurking Week post. I know more than three people are reading this!

No, I'm not talking about Jesus. You guys can look up info on him on your own if you wish. =P Some very good things have happened since my last cycle update that I'm very excited to share with everyone! First, last week's post was featured on Stirrup Queen's Friday Blog Round Up. If you're unfamiliar with her, she curates Stirrup Queen’s Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer as well as hosting IComLeavWe for the ALI community. So she's kind of a big deal. I feel like I've moved up a step in my blogging career.

Secondly, AF was two/three days late. I say two/three because in the past I've had an LP of both 12 and 13 days. Last cycle it jumped up to 15! I was freaking out for a while but she finally showed up. I guess the extra Clomid made my progesterone go up so it was increased. I felt all TWW like my progesterone was higher as my symptoms were more intense, so this seems plausible to me. The good news is I almost definitely will not O on the cruise now so we can just relax. CD17 isn't even till two days after we get back and I highly doubt I will O that early again. So that is something we no longer have to worry about.

The big, BIG, news though is we are switching to Femara!! Yup, no more Clomid for me. I'm all about less side effects, especially this cycle. Femara isn't supposed to dry your CM out like Clomid does so that eliminates one of my supplements. We are starting back at the beginning with 2.5mg (~50mg Clomid) so I doubt I will even O this cycle. Some people respond better to Femara than Clomid so it's possible but I expect an anov cycle. That's okay though because I no longer have to worry about stopping treatment in a few cycles. I feel like I can afford to have an anov cycle, even though they suck big hairy monkey balls. If my cycle is probably going to be anov anyway, there's no point in stressing about it on the cruise. If I can't temp and use OPKs and take my supplements religiously on the cruise it shouldn't really matter. I still want to try and temp or use OPKs though so I will know for sure if I didn't ovulate, and can start provera as soon as possible. Of course I really hope I do O even if I don't feel the pressure to catch it.

If you're not aware, Femara is way more expensive than Clomid which is why we didn't switch earlier. We didn't think we could afford it. However one of my friends told me about a coupon that makes it like 80% off! I was able to get 5 tablets for about $5. If I ended up taking 7.5mg eventually that would only cost about $10. So it's really comparable to Clomid this way. If you're interested in switching yourself, the coupon is from

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