Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome March ICWL'ers!

Here's some background info on me and my lovely husby. My name is Tasha but I've been going by FrozenOJ (or spelled out Frozenorangejuice) on the web since middle school. In fact I'm still using the same email address as the one I excited grabbed when I was let into the Gmail beta all those years ago. =D

I'm 25 years old and live in Florida with my DH (27) and our yorkie (2). I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2006 and told at that time I would almost certainly need medical assistance to conceive. I've had it since puberty and we're pretty certain I never ovulated before my diagnosis or after until very recently. After being in a terrible amount of abdominal pain for 7 months, I eventually had a lap done in 2011 and was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Endo greatly effects my live to the point it is disabling. At that point my doctor said if we had any children she would have pushed for a hysterectomy, but because we don't she wanted to give us that chance. We started TTC as soon as I was cleared after my surgery.

Starting Feb 2012 I was on Clomid for a total of seven cycles. I ovulated four of them, but it was always late. The third time I ovulated we were lucky enough to conceive but I unfortunately miscarried shortly after getting our one and only BFP. In January I was switched to Femara and ovulated the first cycle on CD24, the second cycle was anovulatory and I'm currently awaiting AF after taking provera. We've also recently found out we are dealing with some MFI issues after finally getting DH tested. He has extremely low testosterone, and that accompanied by my ever increasing pain has lead to a decision to stop TTC.  We do plan to adopt in the future but for now I'm trying to come to terms with the fact we will be childless or the foreseeable future.

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