Thursday, May 2, 2013

A huge thank you!

One week after adding the Paypal donate button to my blog and we've already raised $80! Honestly this is more than I ever thought would be given to us, especially this early! So thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have felt it in their hearts to help us along this journey.

As you may have noticed, I've added one of those fundraiser thermometers to my sidebar. It says "we need your support" but I'd much rather have it say "thank you for your support". Unfortunately I wasn't able to change it. I'd hate for anyone to think I was demanding help or anything, so please don't take it that way!

For those who can't donate financially but would still like to help, keep in mind each time you visit my blog with ad blockers disabled (and especially when you click on my ads, which are worth far more than views) you are contributing to our Embryo Donation fund.

As a side note, I noticed someone else raising money for adoption started selling jewelry on Etsy and had some success that way. I was thinking I could start making 550 paracord bracelets with an awareness ribbon in them like the one below. Paracord bracelets are a great thing to have because they not only look nice (imo) but you can unravel them in a survival situation and get 7-10 feet of cord to use for whatever you need. One thing I learned playing RPGs is rope is incredibly useful for a ton of things. I was thinking of making some for PCOS (teal), Endo (yellow), and infertility (pink and blue, which is also the color for pregnancy/infant loss). What do you think? Would anyone be interested in those? I imagine they'd go for $5-10 each.

Again. thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to support us through financial donations, visits to my blog, comments, hugs, etc. You are all appreciated immensely. 

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