Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet the Parents

I was looking for this scene from The Shining and found this instead, so you're welcome.
DH's dad and step mom were here over the weekend, which was both good and bad. We haven't seen his dad for years and have never met his step mom in person so that was nice. Unfortunately I learned that it's very easy to over exert myself right now and regret it later. My pain was much, much worse the last couple of days than before they came to visit. I also remember that it was worse after my friend's wedding too. On Saturday we are going to a water park and I'm already mentally preparing myself to be in a lot of pain after.

Their visit also meant taking a detour from low carb land to Olive Garden which was delicious. I almost always get the five cheese ziti, but I was a good girl and got the moscato peach chicken instead. It was supposed to be 30 something less grams of carbs, plus I didn't even eat all the pasta! And I didn't eat a single bread stick, if you can believe it! I did get the gnocchi soup instead of salad but over all I call it a win.

Saturday night I started spotting unexpectedly. After looking on Fertility Friend it happened right at the time I was supposed to get AF. By Sunday it was fairly heavy for spotting, almost enough to be a light flow. I was expecting it to get worse (the inspiration for today's gif) but it never did. By Tuesday it had basically stopped. I was going to call Dr. E about it but decided not to. I think the timing was really a coincidence since FF is basing that on cycles I ovulate. I missed a dose of the Aygestin a day or two before it started so I think that's why. If it happens again I'll definitely call about it but I'd rather not have to increase my dose if I don't have to. If we double it I'll be paying $70-100 dollars a month for this stuff. No thank you.

Speaking of which, I transferred my prescription to Walgreens as it's cheaper there and they give you a $25 gift card for transferring. The woman who checked me out looked at her computer, then to me, then back to the computer, then back to me and asked, "Are you pregnant?" I had to say no, I wasn't anymore. She said "okay good, because you can't take this while pregnant." I just smiled back and checked out. Of course I was thinking no, it's not good. I would much rather still be pregnant and have no need for this stuff. I don't even know how they knew about the pregnancy. I had a little mini breakdown then went and got a Tropical Smoothie and felt better. I just can't let that kind of stuff bother me. Of course I've had a migraine of varying intensity for who knows how many days and that's not helping.

A blog post that's less than 500 words! I think that's a record for my long winded self. I guess I'll stop here before I ruin it haha.

ETA: Eek! I forgot to remind everyone that my giveaway ends tonight! So go enter if you haven't already!

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