Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OPK & HPT Giveaway!

Even though we're not TTC anymore I still have quite a few left over OPKs and HPTs. They're just the internet cheapie kind but I figure if I'm not going to use them I'm sure someone else could! So I decided to hold my very first giveaway! Since I have so many I decided to do two giveaways, one now and then another one some time later. Not sure when yet, but I'll be sure to let you know. They don't expire till 10/14 but I'll definitely have the other one in plenty of time for the winner to use them. Both this one and the next will be for 16 OPKs and 8 HPTs. Since we are planning on embryo donation I've kept some of the HPTs for myself but I shouldn't have a need for the opks which is why I'm giving away more of those. The winner will be chosen on Towel Day!

Please forgive the dirty carpet and Scotty's feet, he really wanted to be in the picture!
Edit: I found out May 2nd is Baby Day so I'm changing the end date to then! This was originally super long anyway.

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