Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Low Carb Blues

Some of you may have switched to a low carb diet before, but for those that haven't it really, really sucks. I think you have to go through some sort of detox like with meth or something. You feel terrible, you have no energy for anything, and are pretty irritable. Two crabby people does not a happy home make. I'm not normally a hungry person, in fact I often forgot to eat altogether, but now it's like I'm starving. I completely forgot it was Monday and didn't realize I missed Punday till today. Oops. Thankfully it only really super sucks for a week or two and then you start to feel better.

Last week I did go to the store and buy some wonderful lowish carb things to cook. However, I also noticed cookies were on sale buy one get one and they were only like a dollar! So of course I had to get them. It was weird though because they were called oatmeal raisin but but they tasted more like gingerbread. Anyway now the cookies and the soda bread are gone so I've officially gone down to the lowest carb I will. Man what I wouldn't do for a soft pretzel...

Last night we had tacos with low carb wheat tortillas. They had 5 usable carbs per serving where the normal ones are like 35 usable carbs. We got some of the regular ones just in case the low carb ones were nasty, but they were actually pretty good. They were thinner and more flimsy than normal but tasted fine. They're more like whole wheat bread (good) than whole wheat pasta (blasphemy).

As far as my endo goes I haven't noticed much difference between this week and last week. I only have four more days of this bottle of Aygestin so it's been about a month since I started it. I was always told it would take up to three months to feel better on birth control so I'm guessing the same goes for this. As long as there aren't any set backs that seems like a good time frame based on how I'm feeling now after one month.

I've also started to notice changes in DH's low testosterone symptoms. Some of them are definitely improving, others don't seem to have improved much, and it's too early to tell for the rest. Like I can't really tell if he's building muscle mass more easily or not. I am happy with the way things are going so far and can't wait to see how things go from here!

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