Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy April ICLW!

No idea what ICLW is? Well it's this little thing created by Melissa of Stirrup Queens where people in the ALI (adoption, loss, infertility) community leave a bunch of comments for each other. It's pretty awesome. If you belong in any of those categories (including pregnancy or parenting after ALI) I hope you'll consider participating next month! The link to the current month's blogroll and sign up page is always on my side bar.

For those finding me through ICLW, hello! Thank you for stopping by! First off I'd like to point you toward my OPK and HPT giveaway, as I know everyone likes free stuff! =)

My name is Tasha but I've been going by FrozenOJ online practically forever. I live in Florida with my husband Josh and our yorkie Scotty. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2006 and told then I would most likely need medical help to conceive. We were NTNP most of our marriage and almost started actively TTC a few times but what we now know was endometriosis always got in the way. I would often bleed and be in terrible pain for months at a time, have to quit my job, withdraw (or sometimes fail) my classes, we even had to withdraw an offer on a house once. Eventually I just stopped bothering to find a new job or continue my education and became a stay at home wife.

In 2011 I had an episode like that and our usual methods (birth control) weren't working. After seven months of nonstop pelvic pain I had a lap done and my endo was found. My OB/GYN Dr. E said normally she would have asked my DH to consent to a hysterectomy but she knew we desperately wanted children. So as soon as I healed, we officially started TTC! As far as we know I have never ovulated on my own so we hopped on the clomid train rather quickly in February 2012. I did not respond very well, only ovulating 4 times between then and December of the same year. We did conceive the third time but lost it quite quickly. We switched to Femara and didn't respond too that so well either. We also discovered Josh had some MFI issues and extremely low testosterone.

Unfortunately my endo is back with a vengeance and the medication I'm on for that makes conception impossible. Josh's testosterone therapy also makes him sterile. So the quest for a biological child is at it's end and no shiny loot for us. I think the new endo treatment is slowly starting to work, and I'm looking at taking two easy classes in the fall so I can perhaps assist my graphic designer DH whenever I'm feeling up to it. Once we know this is indeed working and I won't need another surgery (or possible hysterectomy) we are going to start saving up for the next great adventure, embryo donation! I hope you'll continue to follow along.

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