Friday, April 12, 2013

Appalachian Trail Part 1 Week 3

This has not been going as well as I would have liked. Last week it was raining, then my chest was bothering me, then we had the wedding. This week I've been recovering from the wedding and again it stormed yesterday. Bah. So I think I'm just going to update every other week, at least during storm season. It's also getting hotter which is something I need to take into account. I am not a morning person and never wake up early unless I have to for a doctor appointment. Once it starts to cool off in the evenings the mosquitoes come out and they think I taste delicious. DH doesn't like me to go out by myself as night since 2/3s of the murders in our city last year happened in our neighborhood. The time I went today was perfect, so I think I'm going to try and go late afternoon before the mosquitoes come out. In a few weeks it won't really matter when I go since it'll be insufferably hot even at night.

The one day I did manage to go last week my phone shut itself off in the middle of the walk for some reason and my distance wasn't saved. I knew from my last update that I had been walking about 2 miles an hour, so I just put it on treadmill mode for about how long I had been walking before I noticed my phone was off. Looking at my time I wonder if it actually kept my time but not my mileage or something as it took me more time to go less distance these two weeks. Either that or I've just been walking slower haha!

Name of trail: AT Part 1 - Georgia
Distance this week: 1.8 miles
Total distance: 4.4 miles
Time this week: 1:11:10
Total Time: 2:16:21
Landmarks reached: Footbridge on the Appalachian Trail (pictured above)

X marks the spot I stopped this week. source 

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