Friday, April 26, 2013

Appalachian Trail Part 1 Week 5

Notice the people at the top for scale. source
Name of trail: AT Part 1 - Georgia
Distance this update: 2.4 miles
Average distance: 2.3 miles
Total distance: 6.8 miles
Time this update: 1:07
Average time: 1:08
Total Time: 3:23
Landmarks reached: Long Creek Falls (pictured), Hawk Mountain Shelter

The improvement in my health is reflected in my stats for the past two weeks. I walked .6 miles more than the two weeks before, and did it in 4 minutes less! I was going to figure out how long it took me to walk each .1 mile this update vs last but that made my head hurt haha. I really am absolutely terrible at math, especially when time is involved because for some reason an hour is 60 minutes not 100. We really need a metric version of time. The Virtual Walk app includes seconds but I'm just going to round it to the nearest minute from now on so I don't have to deal with that.

We had to get Scotty a harness because he kept trying to coke himself with his collar. He gets so excited sometimes. He will even stand up and kind of hop on two feet trying to get to the squirrel or whatever. Whenever he'd try and get too far ahead of me he would make a kind of wheezy noise and eventually he would pause for a second and cough. The harness seems like a giant improvement. He can do that all he wants and it doesn't hurt him.

We also ran into a "Farmish Market" which is a farmer's market owned by some Amish people. I had no idea there were Amish here! The marker on the map is where the Farmish Market is. The land area of the map is about 6 square miles. Notice all the water? Yeah not much farming space around here. There is space to farm about 30-45 minutes from here (if you've got a small personal farm) but that seems like a long distance for someone to travel everyday if you're Amish. Maybe I just don't know enough about Amish rules.

Here is the map for the distance I "traveled" this time on the AT. The black X is where I left off last time and the white X is where I stopped this time.

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