Thursday, April 25, 2013

Now accepting sponsors/donations!

The text of this post is copied from my new sponsor tab. Sponsor list mentioned is below the rates on that page. 

Someone once told me that the compassionate people in our lives and the ALI community might be willing to contribute financially to our goals of becoming parents. Right now the plan is to put any money received towards embryo donation. If that becomes no longer an option for whatever reason, it will be saved for adoption. Because I'm not totally comfortable with people just giving us money, I figured I'd approach it more like you are sponsoring my blog. Lots of blogs have sponsors, even if they are typically much bigger than mine! I'm not totally sure how the paypal button works, so if you aren't able to include name and contact information please email me at


< $5   - Name/link in Sponsor List and future baby book
 $10   - $ 5 stuff  + 200x200 ad in right sidebar for one month
 $15   - $10 stuff + one paragraph blurb in monthly sponsor highlight post* 
 $25   - $15 stuff + a sponsored post of your very own
 $50   - $25 stuff + 2 more months of $15 stuff
 $100 - $50 stuff + copies of each ultrasound picture if successful 

*If you're the only sponsor in a given month I might just tack on the blurb to another post.

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