Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update on DH and a Wedding

DH went to see an endocrinologist on Friday. He's been there before as he had half his thyroid removed like four years ago and the doctor there is really nice. I couldn't go with him though as I had to go buy shoes. (Seriously, it was a shoe emergency!) From what I understand Dr. K gave him two options. The first one is the kind of therapy that will make you sterile and costs $20, the other is the kind that won't but will cost you $200. Yikes! Using GoodRX we could get option A down to $11 but option B was still going to be $160. The doctor gave him prescriptions for both so we could talk about it and decide what we wanted to do. We were hoping we would find a coupon like I did for Femara which made it super affordable, but alas we did not. When I read him the price DH's exact words were "F that!" so I guess the $11 one it is haha! Like I've mentioned before DH was never really on board for having bio kids so he would much rather save that $160 for embryo donation. We could probably freeze some of his sperm now just in case we change our minds, but we don't really see the need. Testosterone doesn't necessarily make you permanently sterile so if we do change our minds we could start restoring his fertility. I really don't think we will though. His first shot is on Friday.

Today will be two weeks since I started the Aygestin. I was told that this is the first milestone I have to reach for it to be working properly. If I start bleeding in the next few days I will need to have my dose increased but so far no spotting or anything. It feels nice not to expect AF any time soon, but of course I'm still cautious. I'm sure it will be a while yet before I break out the white pants. Even though it's supposedly working I'm still in a lot of pain. I'm not sure when that's supposed to get better but I hope it's soon.

I'm next to the bride, DH is standing with his back turned, and my sister is taking the professional pictures. 
Saturday was the wedding of my best friend since third grade. Not only were DH and I in the wedding, we had the honor of performing the ceremony with another girl Jess and I went to elementary school with and another friend of the groom. I got to sign as the official officiant and DH signed as a witness. She was such a beautiful bride and it was a very touching ceremony, I almost started crying in the middle of it! The groom accidentally said "I Jessica offer you this ring" and it was just so darn cute. I was okay pain wise until almost the end of the pictures, then it all kind of hit me at once. I was in so much pain even with my medication and I just wasn't sure what to do. I'm sure I looked like I wasn't having a lot of fun. I don't want to come off to their other friends and family like I wasn't having a good time but I didn't really want to explain the problem either. So there were some times I just disappeared for a while to a back room to breakdown and then tried to put on the bravest face I could.

At the end of the reception everyone left other than my family, the groom's sister, and the bride's dad and step-mom. The bride and groom ended up helping with a lot of the cleanup which I felt bad about. There was a lot of furniture and knickknacks set up in the ceremony/reception space that we had moved to set things up that had to be moved back. I'm afraid I looked lazy because there was only so much I could do but it is what it is. I helped as much as I could and that is what matters. That night I ended up taking two tramadol and a lortab because I hurt so much. I remember I had the same kind of problem at my sister's wedding in 2011. That was before my lap when I was suffering like I am now. Her MIL said some not very nice things to me about not helping as much as others which is why I think I'm so insecure about it. I am ready to be in a wedding where endo is not an issue. Now that I've recovered I have to catch up the 64 blog posts that have been piling up in my reader over the last week. O.o

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