Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How I lost 10 inches in one day!

That's right, I got my hair cut! Oh, if only it was that easy to lose 10 of the other kind of inches... I would totally spend like 2 hours and $50 to do that. I've been planning on getting my haircut since I started having neck and shoulder pains in the middle of freaking July and finally got around to doing it. They cut off 10 inches everywhere and up to 12 inches in some places for me to donate to Locks of Love. Then I got it colored since I also haven't dyed my hair since the middle of July lol. I had like an inch of roots; it was bad. I wanted to go back brown but they said that was basically impossible. There was too much red in it from when I got the supposedly violet permanent color from England that actually turned out to be maroon. They said they'd have to do too much to strip the color out especially since I haven't used that color since I think January and it was still holding strong. (Since then I've been doing something called medium mahogany brown which is way more brown than red but just red enough that the top three inches of my hair blended in with the old stuff decently.) They gave me a row of reds to choose from and I picked something called 6RV Dark Red Violet Blonde, though I'm not sure how something can be dark red, violet, and blonde at the same time. /shrug It came out a lot redder and a lot brighter than I thought it would!

Saturday as I was about it get in the shower I looked at my hair and it was so long, so naturally curly I just knew I would miss it when I cut it off. Then I got in the shower and started washing it and immediately changed my mind! This is going to be so much easier to maintain with a bum shoulder, plus it's amazingly lighter so I suspect my neck will thank me the rest of the time too. Usually getting my hair washed is my favorite part of going to the salon but my neck was not having it today! I was pretty bummed out but I know a little extra temporary pain will be worth it to save me from the recurrent pain of dealing with so much hair. I even think when my roots start to show again I might be able to color it myself without being in agony, unlike I would have been before. I don't know, we'll see when the time comes.

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