Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You will be upgraded. You will become like us.

I'm feeling much better physically than I have for the last several weeks. Well I mean, other than the cramps of death. First I had that horrible bacterial infection where I couldn't eat anything, and then I got an ear infection after, and a sore throat, and I had no energy, and it just sucked. But now I feel better. I'm not nearly as fatigued as I've been, I'm not sick, I even think my neck and shoulder are less sore and I have more range of motion. Doing my PT gives me a headache but it's worth it. So overall I'm feeling pretty good.

Last week when AF made a surprise visit I didn't call Dr. E because I already have pain meds for my arthritis. Friday I thought she had left for good, which is about how long I'd expect it to last based on the last few times. Well Saturday she came back, I guess she missed her flight or something. And she brought with her possibly the worst cramps I've ever had in my whole life (which is really saying something). I'm already on anti inflammatories which I've been told are supposed to help, as well as muscle relaxers which I assume would help, you know, relax the cramping muscles. Then I took the absolute max amount of pain meds I am allowed, but I was still in a ball crying and trying to make a deal with any deity who would listen to just make it stop. They've been pretty bad ever since but thankfully not quite as extreme. Played phone tag with Dr. E's nurse on Monday and finally spoke to her rather than her machine yesterday. Right now the plan is to increase my endo meds from 5mg to 7.5mg and see if that stops the bleeding.

I'm now trying to play catch up with pretty much everything I do regularly lol. As of last Thursday I had over 230 blog posts waiting to be read but I'm now down to only 33! Woohoo! I'd be down to zero but you guys insist on posting new things all the time. =P I may go through my subscriptions and remove a few that I find I usually skim. I was also two books behind on my reading goal for the year. I finished one but I'm not anywhere close to finishing another one. I'm on chapter 5 of Percy Jackson 1 but there's like 20 something chapters. I haven't done any meal planning or grocery shopping in forever so we've been eating out a lot (well, takeout). I still haven't gotten my hair cut like I meant to do like a month ago. I know this isn't really important, but I haven't played The Sims (or any other game) in a few weeks and I'm really missing my families. It just seems like there's so much to do and not any time to do it. I did manage to have some sister time with my favorite little sister and made this awesome clay robot. As much as books and blog posts and video games are important to me, making time for my family is what really matters.

Tomorrow is our anniversary! I'm so glad I'm feeling better in time for that. Since I'm still cramping we're keeping it low key and just doing dinner and a movie. I think we're going to see R.I.P.D. No idea where we're going to dinner. Along with our anniversary comes the end of my OPK and HPT giveaway! You have until midnight tomorrow to get your entries in. Remember that commenting on this or other posts is worth 5 entries but they aren't counted automatically, you have to manually enter at the link above.

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