Monday, November 12, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Day 12

12. I am thankful for smart phones.

I was thinking today how convenient is it to have phones that do so much. Due to PCOS my cycles are naturally very unpredictable. There were times as a teenager that I literally could not remember which month I last had AF because it had been so long. Until I started on birth control at 17 or 18 my best guess is I only had one or two periods a year on average. Now however I know down to the day when AF last arrived. When I go to the doctor I can tell her I'm on CD127 or whatever it is, instead of saying I think it's been a few months.

Obviously that's not the only way my life has been improved by smart phones, it's just the one that got me thinking about the subject. I'm now able to check the weather, play games, take pictures and video, read, check my social media sites, make grocery lists, get directions via GPS, etc all from one device. It's amazing to think how different things are now than they were just 8ish years ago when I would have gotten my first cell phone. We don't even have a land line phone anymore. Technology certainly has it's draw backs but I am very thankful for all the ways it makes my life easier.

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