Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cycle 9 CD25 - Here's my LH, ovulate me maybe?

So I didn't ovulate on CD20. I continued to take OPKs and they've stayed pretty dark. Tonight I got my darkest one yet. In fact, depending on who you ask it may even be positive. I personally think it's just under. It may go positive finally sometime over night or it could just keep messing with my head. If I don't ovulate at this point I think I may need to join a kick boxing class. 

Besides not ovulating, this past week has been okay. Monday was the first night I slept without any Tylenol PM since the loss. I could have slept better, but I did sleep. Last night I decided not to take any again and got decent sleep. I think I'm doing to take it a few more nights and then stop again to see if it gets any better. 

The plan has been to call Dr. E Friday afternoon to get a provera prescription called in. She said if I don't get AF four weeks after the loss to call and Sunday would be four weeks. I guess it's possible for me to magically get AF after only a month without ovulating but I don't think it's likely, so I was going to start it Sunday if I hadn't ovulated by then. Now that it looks like I might have a +OPK, I'm not sure. I won't know by Friday afternoon whether or not I did actually ovulate. I may put it off and call Tuesday if I don't have a temp shift over the weekend. Dr. E works at a different office on Monday's so it's harder to get a hold of her then.

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  1. It does look sooo close to a +opk. Fx'd that maybe you picked up on the end of your surge!


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