Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Day 8

8. I am thankful for my little sister.

My sister and I (with part of my aunt and uncle).
We found out yesterday that my little sister is pretty much allergic to everything. Trees, shrimp, dogs, peanuts, cats, grass, soybeans, mold, if you can be allergic to it she probably is. She also has very bad eczema which they think may have hid any rashes in the past which is why they didn't figure it out until now. She is so allergic that my mom has to get rid of the carpet, put plastic between her mattress and sheets, rehome the cats, and my sister will need to carry an epipen with her everywhere. It's a miracle that she hasn't had a reaction bad enough to need emergency care. If we were a family that ate seafood she might have died. So I am thankful that she is still with us here today.

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