Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Day 2

2. I am thankful for our dog, Scotty.

I didn't want to get a dog. I had a dog as a kid and I never felt like I loved her enough. I had a real connection with one of our cats and I loved her more, but I always felt bad about that. Pets are supposed to be like your kids, right? Shouldn't you love them all the same? So I was afraid if we got a dog I wouldn't love it as much as I should.

The husby started wanting a small dog after we found a Jack Russel. Thankfully we were able to reunite it with it's owner, and I decided I definitely did not want that kind of dog. Too crazy. I eventually relented and said we could start looking for a small dog but it had to match a certain description.
A) Must have floppy ears
B) Must be house trained
C) Must be cute
D) Can't be a chihuahua

It was actually pretty difficult to find a dog like I wanted. We kept an eye out on and also craigslist. It seemed like small dogs were in demand and anytime we found one, it was swiftly adopted by someone else. We found one dog, I think it was also a yorkie, at the local animal control that DH really wanted to get put I panicked a little. I wasn't sure I was really ready for a pet so I asked if we could sleep on it. The next day I decided okay, we can get the dog, but unfortunately we were too late and someone else snatched him up.
Now I'm glad we were too late or we wouldn't have ended up with Scotty. He is such a good dog. He loves to play tug of war with me, and gives me kisses any time I need them. He's a great cuddle buddy when I'm having a bad day but DH is at work/school. He is soft and smells awesome when he comes back from the groomer. He likes to sleep curled up next to me. He never gives me any trouble when it's bath time, just stands there without whining or trying to get away. We took him out to a fall festival kind of thing where there were lots of people and a few other dogs and he was just perfect. He let the little kids pet him, he didn't bark at anyone, he only tried to jump on people a few times, it was honestly surprising how good he was considering we were there most of the night. I can't believe I didn't want to get him originally. I am so thankful for him now.

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