Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cycle 9 CD33 (4DPO?) - The Girl Who Waited

Shout out to all the whovians reading this blog! Really feel like "the girl who waited" today. Only instead of waiting for the Doctor, I'm waiting to know what the flying furry flamingos is going on with my cycle. 

As you can see by my chart, I technically have crosshairs. This is using the research interpretation method on FF. If I'm on advanced which is the recommended one I don't have CHs. I did yesterday, but I guess my temp was too low today so they took it away. Also as you'll notice I had some EWCM which is why they are dotted. So now I'm at 4dpo and I still don't really know if I ovulated or not. I waited 29 days to possibly ovulate when normal people have finished their two week wait by now, then another three days to see if I would get CHs. I finally do after several fake outs this cycle and they get taken away the next day! I was supposed to start Provera after four weeks which would have been almost a week ago, but I waited because I got an iffy OPK. 53% of people on CTP say it was positive. Each day I wait to see what is going on potentially means another day before this cycle will be over.

I decided screw it, I'm taking the provera anyway. I took it tonight and will take it till probably 16dpo as I get 13 pills. You can stop after 10 but I usually don't because I'm scared it won't work. Because provera is a type of progesterone it should be fine even if I did ovulate and we caught the egg. I looked up info on it for a long, long time before deciding to take it because I don't want to do anything that could cause a potential second m/c. I even spoke to a pharmacist who told me it will be fine I just have to make sure I test before stopping it. If I stop it in early pregnancy it could cause a m/c the same way a progesterone deficiency can. I got my first positive at 10dpo last cycle, so I figure by 16dpo I should test positive if I'm ever going to. If I do get a BFP I will tell the doctor and I guess stay on it for a while or something. According to my research some doctors actually prescribe provera in the TWW to women with a progesterone deficiency.

The bad thing about this is, I could potentially never know if I really ovulated or not. If my temp goes down even further then I probably didn't. However if it goes back up that could be caused by the provera. Either way I will be going back on Clomid next cycle (unless I get a BFP) so I guess it doesn't really matter if I O'd or not. I'm leaning towards no because I haven't in the past and while m/c can make you more fertile than normal, some healthy women don't even O their first cycle.


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