Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Don't Forget Your Medication

Over the weekend I missed a dose of my aygestin. I didn't realize until I went to go take it the next day. The day after my missed dose I noticed my pain was worse, but my mom, sisters, and I had gone to the aquatic center on Friday and it's always a little worse when I do something like that. Well the next day it was way worse and I also started spotting. Apparently my missed dose triggered AF and all the pain that goes with it. The good thing is because the medication is working I don't have the same super heavy flow I normally have. It sucks though going from only needing on average one pain pill a day plus the highest amount of OTC meds you're allowed, to needing to take the max of the pain pills and the OTC stuff. We are hoping in a few days the pain will calm down and I'll be back to my normal reduced pain level.

This was really scary in terms of our future embryo adoption. I was hoping when I was pain free I could come off the medication whenever I needed to prepare my body for transfer. Now I know I'll probably at least have to deal with a sort of AF when I come off at best. In the back of my mind is this fear of all the pain returning when I go off and it not just going away after a few days, so we have to cancel the cycle. I'm not sure I could take that. But for now I have to trust in my doctor that that won't happen.

Here's a gif of Felicia going down the kiddie slide that G+ stitched together using it's Auto Awesome Motion feature. I thought it was pretty nifty. We only had four pictures of me going down the slide and it needs at least five.

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