Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Challenge - Favorite Snack

Hmm... This one is a head scratcher. I've already written one post about my love of bread, so no point doing another. Since I'm not even supposed to be eating a lot of bread right now there must be something that's become my new favorite...

An oldie but a goodie is my love of pickles. I love most pickles other than bread and butter and sweet pickles. Blech! My absolute favorite brand is Claussen but it's a bit too expensive to sustain my pickle habit so we save that for special occasions or get it on sale. My next favorite, surprisingly enough, is the Great Value aka Walmart brand. Those are the ones we keep on hand.

We usually have at least one jar of the hamburger chips as those are the most versatile. Second comes spears (which taste great wrapped in a slice of deli turkey). The whole ones are also great, especially the ones in the smaller jars. As my sister Sierra points out to me often, smaller jars mean smaller whole pickles. Smaller pickles are easier to eat. Unfortunately for me Sierra also loves pickles and will often eat all of mine!

Once we went to Walmart and they didn't have any of the store brand. It was sad but I used it as an excuse to get Claussen. We came back a week or two later and they still didn't have any. At this point I started to get worried. Trip after trip was made to no avail. Finally I had to suck it up and get the inferior Mt. Olive. They eventually did get some more in, and now I'm kind of like a hoarder. I'm always afraid they'll be gone next time so I get like five or six jars at a time. Josh finds this very amusing.

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