Sunday, June 16, 2013

June Challenge - Breakfast

This morning I had leftover fajitas for breakfast. I know that's not really a breakfast food, but I didn't really sleep last night due to my cramps and RLS. I'm hoping eventually I'll be tired to enough to pass out despite the pain. As nontraditional as it was, they were very good and I kinda wish we had some more.

Lately for breakfast I've been eating Greek yogurt (vanilla and pineapple are my fav flavors) or string cheese.  Sometimes I'll just grab a glass of chocolate milk. I usually have sausage patties in the freezer that I'll cook 10 at a time on the George Foreman grill and then eat throughout the week, but I haven't cooked any since before last weekend when I got AF. What I'd really like is pancakes, or Lucky Charms, or French toast, something delicious and carby, but I know I should save that for special occasions.

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