Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Challenge - Catching Up

I haven't been feeling up to making a blog post the last few days so I'm running behind!

10. How do you help get yourself (and or SO) get in the mood to DTD during the fertile period?

Well isn't this an embarrassing questions lol! Even though I have a TTC blog talking about our sex lives in detail isn't something I'm particularly comfortable with. The short answer is that problem kinda worked itself out given enough time. 

11. Describe your wedding.

We didn't have a wedding ceremony. My then FH needed surgery, he was on his dad's insurance the last time he was able to sign up for insurance at work so he didn't but by then his dad's was expired. The only way to get on his work insurance was to have a major life event like getting married, so we decided to get legally married a year earlier than we had planned. I called up our officiant (my friend's dad, actually Dr. E's husband) and told him what was going on so he told us to come by after work. I texted Josh to let him know we were getting married that evening. =D We needed witnesses so I asked my mom and older sister Felicia to come (Sierra was on visitation with our dad), and they called my cousin Tristan and his sometimes girlfriend who also came. DH's work then fired him like 3 days before his insurance was to take affect so we had to spend our wedding money on his surgery. We plan on having the ceremony we had planned out eventually but since then the money was always needed elsewhere. I still have all the wording saved in a Google Doc and I love it as much as I did in 2009.  

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