Sunday, June 9, 2013

We gon' party like it's yo birthday!

Edit: If you're wondering what the eff is going on, I accidentally posted this to the wrong blog! /facepalm I'm gonna leave it up instead of deleting it though so I can just link to it from the right blog so I don't have to repost it. 

Dealing with a toddler and two newborns made Eve a little stir crazy, so she ran down to the Alchemy shop to meet their employee. It happened to be the day before the full moon so she put some potions on sale while she was there.

It's Adam's birthday! He's so happy he can celebrate with all their new friends. Both of their maids are here, as is the Alchemy shop employee and their new babysitter.

There very next day is the twins birthday.

Adam and Eve get started teaching the twins how to talk right away.

Branson makes a new friend! He's a teenager that's just transferred to the new school built in honor of the twins. The Idris's love their current babysitter, but they let him babysit sometimes too if she's busy.

Brenna loves being read to sleep.

I'm not sure how appropriate it is for a married grown woman to be pillow fighting with a teenager.

For the first time since the twins were born everyone is asleep at the same time! It's a miracle!

Brenna and Branson playing with their dolls.

Another birthday! This time it's Branson's turn. He's taking after his father with the Genius trait.

He's not so sure he wants to sleep in his big boy bed. Looks like there are monsters under there!

Branson's doll turns into an imaginary friend named Toffee!

Bran's first day at school is bittersweet for Adam and Eve. They'd be lying if they said it wasn't kind of nice to have one less child to look after for a couple of hours.

Especially with another on the way! (A/N I got the extended pregnancy mod and I'm loving having this breathing room between kids.)

It's the twins birthday... again! The Idris's are starting to get pretty popular having all these parties all the time.

Grandma knows how to party!

Brenna gets the Lucky trait.

Broderick picks up Athletic.

They get started working on these skills right away.

Bran and Toffee mess with the chemistry set, hoping one day soon they'll be able to transform her(?) into a real person.

Queen Brenna holds court while a scorched Bran does his homework. That last attempt with the chemistry set didn't go very well!

Eve catches her first butterfly. Sad this cute little guy is going to go right into a potion.

Brenna ditches the school bus in favor of her training broom.

Broderick gets an imaginary friend named Lucky!

Brenna's new imaginary friend is called Cuddles.

Broderick pulls a prank and puts yellow hair dye in the shampoo! Branson is not amused.

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