Monday, June 24, 2013

June ICLW and Punday 6/24

Hi everyone joining me from ICLW! Sorry I've neglected to welcome you so far, I've been quite ill lately. If I follow your blog there's a good chance I've been reading your posts when I can even if I haven't been commenting. For those that are new here, here's a brief introduction.

I have PCOS and Endo and my husband has MFI we believe caused primarily by low testosterone. We started officially trying to conceive in October 2011 after being NTNP for a while. We finally got our BFP almost exactly a year later, but miscarried shortly after. My due date is coming up on July 1st and I'm not taking that all too well. In March of this year my endo got too bad to continue trying so we've been on a break while I get that under control. My pain has been steadily decreasing and we are hoping to get back in the saddle soon. We have decided to pursue donated embryos instead of trying again biologically and I'm waiting to hear back from the clinic we hope to go through.

I'm currently giving away two copies of Writers of the Future Volume 29, which is a collection of scifi and fantasy short stories written by new and amateur authors. You can enter here.

Every Monday is Punday where I try to brighten up the beginning of your work week a little. It's beginning to be a little harder to remember which ones I've posted before, so forgive me if I post one twice by accident. So without further ado, here are the puns!

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