Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Challenge - Family Story

Dad and Mom
To put it simply I've never had a good relationship with my dad. The picture above is the only one I could find of my mom and dad together. I'm not sure how and where they met, but I know it was when my mom was 17. On her 18th birthday my grandparents basically packed her bags and told her she was an adult now so she needed to go live with her boyfriend. They were married less than a year later, and my older sister Felicia was born two months before her 20th birthday. I was born about two years later.

Felicia and Me
A few years after that my cousin Tristan was born. I don't remember how old my aunt was then but she was pretty young, I think still in highschool. My mom watched him a lot and quite a few people thought he was our brother. In fact only a few years ago I ran into someone we used to go to church with and they asked how my brother was. I've always been closer to him than any of my other cousins.

Grandpa, Tristan, Me, and Felicia
In third grade I got expelled (long story) and switched schools, where I met my two best friends Jessica and Sheila. I'm not close to Sheila anymore but I still consider Jessica to be like family. She is my sister in spirit if not genetics.
Me, Jessica, and Sheila around grade seven
When I was in fifth grade my little sister Sierra was born. I was not very happy when my parents told us my mom was pregnant. I may or may not have had a tantrum in the middle of Arby's. I was scared of not being "the baby" anymore. After she was born though everything changed. She is what made me realize I wanted to be a mom. Our mother was very ill for a long time after she was born and I took an active role in raising her. I remember when she was a baby trying to comfort her when my parents would fight. My mother still lets me participate in important conversations with her like about bullying and stuff.

Me and Sierra at the park
Rescuing Sierra after she stuck her head in a chair
Sierra and I playing after our friend's wedding
Mother's Day picture a few years back. I swear Felicia told me to drop Sierra and not "pretend to drop" her.
Felicia and me last year
Grandma, Grandpa, Felicia, Richard, Mom, Me, and Sierra and Felicia's wedding
Tristan, his (sometimes) girlfriend, Felicia, and Richard
Tristan trying to act suave 
Felicia, Sierra, and Jessica (and me in the background) at Jessica's wedding
Josh, Me, Mom, and Sierra
Okay I guess that's enough pictures now haha. As far as what Josh and I want for our family in the future, we'll take what we can get. Originally I wanted an even number of kids, two or four. Josh vetoed four pretty quickly and is more in line with the "they can't outnumber us" kind of thinking. I'd still rather have two than one, but one is better than none. Right now I'd say twins would be great so we won't have to go through this hassle again, but I might regret saying that when I end up with two newborns. If this embryo adoption thing falls through I know we will continue working towards adding to our family one way or another.

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