Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Challenge - Pets

I've mentioned on here before that we have one furbaby, Scotty. He is a two year old yorkie that we love to pieces even if he's not good all the time. I mean you can't stay mad at that face!

Before we got him Josh would ask if we could get a small dog every once in awhile and I would say no. I did not want a dog. I had a dog when I was a kid and I always felt guilty because I didn't think I loved her enough. I didn't want to feel that way again, and pets are extra work and expense that I wasn't sure would be worth it. Finally I told Josh okay if this is really that important to you we will start looking, but ultimately if I'm not comfortable with it we won't get one. In February 2012 we went to look at a dog at a shelter. He was cute but I just wasn't sure. Josh wanted to get him but I needed time to think. I didn't want to make a rush decision or feel pressured to make such a commitment. I said I'd sleep on it. The next morning he was already adopted by someone else, so we kept looking.

In June someone posted an add on Craigslist that they needed to rehome Scotty. They had been watching him for a friend who had moved and wasn't able to take him with them. They already had several much bigger dogs and couldn't give him the love and attention he needed. I told Josh we could go see him, but didn't make any promises. We got there and he immediately took to us. He was so cute and excited and jumped into my arms. I could tell Josh really wanted him so I said okay, as I was scared the same thing would happen as last time and he would be gone if we hesitated. We opened the car door and he jumped in like he was already ours. He loved us from the very beginning so we loved him.

Now I can't believe I ever doubted if he was the dog for us, and trust me I still hear about that! If I go to cuddle with him and he's next to Josh sometimes he will hold him tighter and whisper, "you're my doggy, Mommy didn't even want you..." and I just roll my eyes. Of course that works the other way too, if he's scratching at the door to get out in the morning I use that as an opportunity to remind Josh whose dog it is. =D

Now here are a bunch of pictures of his cuteness!

His pirate Halloween outfit
Me and him at the pumpkin carving.
I Halloweenified him using the G+ picture tools.

He likes to sit in the window like a cat.
Go home Scotty, you're drunk.
Cute lacey black hat.
If you can't tell he's basically folded in half.

Him with my sister Felicia.
My sister Sierra put him in the baby swing.

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