Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Challenge - Kid's Names

If I thought of names for my kids when I was little, I don't remember what they are. The first name I remember liking enough to name my progeny after was in highschool. I was a huge, huge Harry Potter nerd back then (and still am!). I went to Wizard Rock shows, book and movie premieres, read fanfiction, the whole nine yards. One of my favorite fanfiction series is The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Clare. That name might sound familiar, as she has gone on to be a best selling author of The Mortal Instruments series which is being turned into a movie this August. Over the time I spent reading the fanfics I saw her name quite often and began to grow fond of it. I love Cassandra because it sounds kind of classy and has so many nickname options. She could be Cassie, Sandra, Sandy, etc. Whatever she wanted. This is still one of my potential girl names, with the middle name Siobhan (pronounced shiv-awn). 

Another name I decided on in highschool is due to another author, but from one of his character rather than his actual name. I love Peter S. Beagle, in fact I consider him my favorite author. You probably know him because of The Last Unicorn. One of my favorite books by him is the story of a young girl who moves to an old house with her mother and new step-family. There she meets a ghost cat and eventually the ghost cat's ghost owner and there's a mystery and it's wonderful. Her name is Tamsin.

I love the name Tamsin because it's interesting and uncommon without sounding silly. I have never met someone named Tamsin IRL so I can be reasonably sure there won't be another one in her class or workplace. I was drawn to this name in a way similar to Cassandra. This is also currently one of my potential names, with the middle name Ceilidh (pronounced  kay-lee).

Boy names I'm less sure of. One of the names I used to love is Illidan, aka Illidan Stomrage the Warcraft boss. Yes I'm a nerd, I admit it. I still like the name but I don't love it love it like I used to. It's probably too out there even if he could go by Dan for short. Plus I'm not sure if being named after a WoW character would impress the other boys or lead to taunting. Even some of my own friends laughed when I mentioned it so it's tabled for now.

A name I'm really liking at the moment is Roran which would be shorted to Rory. I first started liking the name Roran after reading the Eragon books by Christopher Paolini. Noticing a theme yet? Of course now Rory is one of the best Doctor Who companions of the new series (imo), but I liked the name before he was introduced. Unfortunately Josh isn't quite as sure about it as I am so we might have to keep looking.

My mother desperately wants a grandchild named Liam. I like the name fine, but again Josh says no. Spoilsport. 

One name we have tentatively agreed on is Erik. He likes it because of Erik the Red and I like it because of Phantom of the Opera. It's not set in stone though.

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