Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Challenge - Dream Car

♪ Wentworth & Gizmo, best friends forever. Bothwere gonna get traded in so they drove away together. 
My first and only car was a 1998 Mazda Protege I named Wentworth (literally village of the white people). He was originally my sister's car but I took over payments when she got a new one. He had a standard transmission which I did not like but otherwise he was a very good car. He got me where I needed to go and had very decent gas milage.

Unfortunately he had an accident, and a truck poked one of his eyes out. He also had plenty of dents because people liked to run into him while I was parked (often in class, once taking the Mother's Day picture I posted in my last post). 

His best friend was my friend Sam's car Gizmo. They'd hang out in the parking lot and sometimes have sleepovers. He was very sad when Gizmo got traded in and unfortunately it was his time to go not long after that. He had like a million miles on him and was just spending too much time at the mechanic. Since I've been on so much pain medication the last few years I never bothered getting a new car. When I do get another one I would definitely consider another Mazda, but they stopped making the Protege in 2003 so it would probably be a different model. I would also get an automatic for sure.

Can't tell if it's Wentworth or Gizmo in this picture.
As far as dream cars go, I don't really have one. Maybe a Google Car? Then I wouldn't have to drive myself which would be pretty nifty. My only other thought is a car with non-standard doors. Like perhaps a Koenigsegg or the classic Delorean. 

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