Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fun With The Sims 3

This is my cover photo on Facebook right now.
I <3 The Sims. I still have every expansion pack for the original Sims somewhere. We had Sim City, Sim Copter, Sim Tower, and my absolute favorite Sim Safari. I miss that game a lot but can't find a version that is compatible with Windows 7. I haven't played the new Sim City after the launch fiasco but I do spend quite a bit of time playing The Sims 3. I've recently started playing the Adam and Eve Legacy Challenge and am having a lot of fun! Basically your two sims start in a world with nothing in it, no houses, community lots, nothing other than a grocery store. You give them $500,000 (some of which has to be used to buy the grocery store) and through the next several generations (the goal is 50 but that's pretty insane) you're supposed to build the town up. It's really interesting playing in a town where your people can't go to the bookstore or the park or even get a job. The only people around are each other.

As I've been playing I've been taking a bunch of screenshots to kind of tell their story. If you want, you can read all about it on my new blog. It's probably best if you start with the first post. I'm not very far in yet, their first child is still a toddler although funnily enough it took them a long time to have him. I have a mod which lets you do "risky woohoo" and each time they do it they have a certain percent chance of getting pregnant. Mine was set at 5%. They did it at least once everyday in the shower to save time, and sometimes would autonomously do it again. Yet it took 43 days to get pregnant with their first child! Statistically speaking I should have been about ready to have my third child. I felt bad for them so after that I got them fertility treatments so they wouldn't have to wait so long for child #2. Then they got pregnant with twins the very first time. I guess statistics work after all! /facepalm

Here's a couple of my favorite screenshots:

Makin' money writing on the computer.

Admiring her new money tree.


Finding out she's pregnant.

Watching the birthing video lol.

Daddy teaching little Branson to walk.

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