Friday, June 7, 2013

June Challenge - Labor: Drugs or no drugs?

I won't make any firm plans until I get to that point and see what it's like, but my guess is probably. I've read that having chronic pain actually decreases pain tolerance over time so while I'm not totally thrilled with the possibility of drugs, I'm definitely open to using them. I would like to try some of the other techniques first, but I don't have any faith they will work. I've tried many of the options they suggest during my cramps and they didn't do a lick of good. Vocalization, breathing techniques, visualization, none of it has worked for me. Taking a hot shower or bath helps some but not nearly enough to use by itself without drugs. Same with massages. According to a woman who has cramps similar to mine, labor was actually less painful so if that turns out to be true for me maybe those things will be more helpful.

What I'm worried about more than pain management is being induced. I do not want to be induced unless they can convince me it is absolutely necessary. In fact, I'd almost rather just get a c-section if they want to induce me. Your chance of c-section goes up so much when you're induced, might as well skip all the extra pain and possible decreased fetal heart rate and stuff. Also there is a chance if I get a c-section I could get a hysterectomy at the same time so two birds with one stone. Having a c-section/hysterectomy combo might even make recovery easier as my uterus won't need to recover.

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