Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Challenge - Most Interesting Vacation

When I was in elementary school (grade four I think?) we drove all the way from our home in Florida to Maine and back. We stopped at all sorts of places on the way to and from. We went to Atlanta and got tours of some of the TV stations but The Weather Channel wouldn't let us tour their building which I was not happy about! We went to Busch Gardens and Jamestown in Virginia. Of course we had to stop and visit my first best friend in North Carolina where he had moved to in first or second grade. Gatlinburg is another place we always visit if we get the chance. We went to Philadelphia and I touched the Liberty Bell even though they told us not to. It was so surreal seeing all the historical sites and standing where the founding fathers stood. We went to Washington D.C. and visited the Smithsonian museums. Either Felicia or I (can't remember) got in trouble for getting too close to the Hope Diamond. We saw cranberry bogs in Massachusetts which I thought was really neat. We briefly visited Boston but I wasn't impressed. It was October so we took part in the Halloween celebrations in Salem. In one haunted house the attendant told me if I didn't want monsters to jump out at me I was supposed to say... something. I can't remember exactly, but he told me this knowing it wouldn't work and they'd be extra scary! I absolutely fell in love with Plymouth and would consider moving there. We went to New York and saw all the stuff there: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, World Trade Center, etc. When we got to Maine we went whale watching and visited the desert which had fake camels in it. We did so much stuff it would take forever to write it all down, and my drug addled brain just can't deal with that right now lol. It was a nice mix of fun things and educational and I'm so thankful my parents made the effort to take us on this trip even though we never had much money. It was very fast paced and I much prefer my vacations to go slower, but if we hadn't moved so fast I would have missed out on a lot. Even with how fast we went through everywhere we were gone for several weeks. Unfortunately I don't have any digital pictures as this was before Facebook and all that, and I'm not sure where the hard copy photo album is either. It was definitely a once in a lifetime kind of thing for us and I would love to someday take our children on a similar trip.

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